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About Me

hey, I’m maria. eightteen. maryland, usa is my home. straight and single. hit my ask box. i haven’t been blogging for to long but I’m doing my best. i cheered and did gymnastics for 15 years and i quit for college this year. freshy at a college in md. i dance like nobodies business. I’ve been doing photography for about 4 years and normally i take pics of my sisters who are fourteen and wake boarding which i do on a normal basis. i love it. i also love to snowboard in the winter. i’m mixed witch colombian (south america… not d.c. people), irish & italian. so yes. i’m angry a lot. if you follow ill love you, i kno I’m not that good and i like classy pics. i love love love music and watching funny movies. i can write raps like a boss so just ask. duces :)